💙 TIME 💙

It’s a funny thing …, on one hand we have so much of it -> 86,400 seconds in a day.., on the other hand not enough of it!


Time management, Wendy Griffith


Think of the person who has just lost someone they love – if only they had just one more day, minute, second to tell them how much they love them!

We rush through life, consumed with the busyness of modern day living, and a slave to society’s expectations and ‘time’.

When I feel overwhelmed, I often ask myself “if money was no object, would you still be doing this?”.  If the answer is no – then it’s simple – it gets deleted or delegated!  This just helps me to reframe the situation.

However, I appreciate that life does present the practicalities of making money, going to work, doing chores and all those things! Which often eats into our ‘time’ to do the things we want to do – read, cook good food, exercise, travel etc. – whatever sets your soul on fire.

I get it – I’m big on saving time, and being as efficient as I can be – preserving precious time … so I’ve got more time to do the things I love.

That’s why I’m so passionate and excited to share the 5 tips for saving time which have changed the course of my life, and most importantly given me time back, because I firmly believe that everyone deserves a life before work!

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