The 8 lessons I’ve learned since starting my business!

 Having now been in business for 8 years – here are 8 lessons learned ( plus a bonus one)

My career journey started like most people when I left University.  I had achieved good grades and then landed some great work experience. This enabled me to build my profile and I had a C.V I was very proud of.  A career in I.T marketing followed, working for a fast-growing company with an amazing package, giving me a career many people would envy.

Working and commuting affected my health

There were elements of my job I enjoyed doing.  But I found myself working long hours, commuting meant my days were 12 hours long. Inevitably the stress started to take its toll, proving detrimental to my mental wellbeing and my health.  By the time I was 29 years old I found myself with a daily sinking feeling and wondering “is this it?”. Was this the life I was destined to live, feeling like a machine? My thoughts turned to the future and I knew I wanted more control of my life. Time is precious and so was my health. Being my own boss seemed the right option for me.

Then I took the plunge..

In August 2011 I took the plunge. It really felt like I was jumping in at the deep end. I was so unsure of myself!  Setting out on the path of entrepreneurship is not an easy path to follow. Many lessons have been learned and there have been many highs and crushing lows. Through it all I’ve learnt an incredible amount and this knowledge has shaped me into the businesswoman and person that I am today, for which I am utterly grateful.

As I reflect on my 8th birthday this month with Arbonne my focus is sharing the top 8 lessons I have learned so far: Each lesson links to the next…..

  1. You’re never going to feel ready!

Our brains are wired to present fear. Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real.  If you’re waiting to feel 100% ready to take the move in whatever you want to do you will never do it! Whether it’s leaving a career that no longer fulfils you, starting a new business, moving to a new house – you need to take action!  Make the leap! Ask yourself- what is the worst that can happen? Life always provides a safety net we just don’t always see it!  So, remember to ….

  1. Keep a positive mindset

No one is ever happy 24 hours a day. Having a positive attitude is vitally important. I’ve had it said to me many times that I’m a very positive and energetic person. However, this didn’t always come naturally to me. It’s become a learned habit. A positive mindset doesn’t mean negative or bad things won’t happen to you. But you can either let it sink you or you can reframe it and move on as a lesson learned. Be mindful too of the people you surround yourself with.  Their average may become your average. People may also do things to us which can hurt or derail us but ….

  1. The only thing you can control is you

When someone does something that hurts you, says something that aggrieved you, or speaks negatively about you – it often says more about them than you. My view is what other people think about me is none of my business.  The results I’m getting in my life are as a result of the decisions and actions I’ve taken up until now – so if you don’t like where you are right now…

  1. Have a growth mindset – always be willing to learn

When people are negative and have a scarcity mindset, I steer clear. I’ve learned to be a solution focused person. When things may not go according to plan, as they do in life, I have a mindset that is trained for abundance. This means that I’m focused on…

  1. Continuing to raise the bar

This means that I seek excellence in all I do. Note: not perfection. But I do what I say I’m going to and I do that it to the best of my ability.  I firmly believe this is what separates the good from the great in life and business.  Always be willing to go above and beyond.  Over deliver on your promises every time, and if you don’t – forgive yourself and move on. Always feel proud of your achievements and …..

  1. Be utterly grateful

For the good, the bad and everything in between. I have faced some very difficult circumstances in my life, but I am so grateful for the person it’s made me! A person who is resilient and who can bounce back from whatever life throws at her. Being grateful is truly the secret to happiness! And ….

  1. When nothing is happening, everything is happening!

Sometimes you go through seasons that are hard, where you just can’t see the wood from the trees. Remember the seed that is being planted today will be for something incredible to come! Bamboo shoots take 5 years of watering and nurturing, then will literally will shoot up to ridiculous heights overnight! What you do now will reap future rewards Do not let slow progress deter you and never compare yourself as…

     8. Comparison is the thief of all joy!

You can’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.  Humans do this all the time and it is so destructive. Being honest I have made this mistake so many times. What I’ve learnt is that it’s completely useless to compare yourself to anyone.  They are completely different to you. You have unique circumstances, skills and experiences. So, when you compare yourself to other people you might as well be comparing apples to oranges!

… and because I couldn’t help myself here is a 9th tip as a bonus for my 8th Arbonne birthday.

    9. Done is better than perfect!

Are you waiting for the perfect conditions or the perfect time, or the perfect circumstances to manifest what you want to achieve … STOP IT! No one ever achieved anything from waiting. Only action matters.  Getting over my ‘perfectitus’, which still rears its head sometimes, has helped me enormously towards creating the life I lead now.  This blog was written on the beach, using the notes app on my phone whilst my hubby took the dog and my little girl for a walk!

Inspire yourself and take action!

Just remember, you are so much more capable than you give yourself credit for.  If you’re feeling stuck in your life right now just remember, you are are a not a tree you can always move!

I hope these serve to inspire and help you, and that my hindsight to be your foresight.

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