Could this be too good to be true? It is both!

There is so much confusion surrounding ‘Network Marketing’ or ‘Multi-Level Marketing and due to the influence of Social Media, is now more commonly referred to as Social Marketing.  We all recommend products and services every day to people, we just don’t necessarily get paid for it.

My journey began in Social Marketing 8 years ago this month. With a Marketing background and a degree, I still didn’t fully understand it. Once it was explained to me properly and I had all the facts at my fingers tips I realised this was an exciting opportunity Gathering together the right information before making assumptions gave me clarity and I didn’t want to miss out.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions that are often asked when people are evaluating whether running a Social Marketing business are –

  • Is it a pyramid scheme?
  • Do you have to sell things to your friends and family?
  • Do you do parties?

Then people often share that –

  •  “I’m not a salesperson”
  • “I don’t want to be pushy”
  • “What will people think of me”

These thoughts are very common as there are so many misconceptions out there online.

What is Social Marketing?

So, what is Social Marketing?   It’s simply a distribution method.  Instead of products being sold in shops which is the “Traditional Retail” distribution you sell directly to the customer. Traditional retail can swallow up as much of 85% of the price you pay for a product. This can be the process to get it onto the shelf in the first place, and not the quality of the actual ingredients.

Leverage the power of online distribution

Social Marketing is different in that it leverages the power of online distribution (as illustrated below). Products move directly from the company’s manufacturer, via the internet to the end consumer. This is done through the recommendation of a brand ambassador or sometimes referred to as an influencer.

You are essentially cutting out the middlemen which can often put extra cost into the product you’re buying. Therefore, you have a better-quality product for a lower price point.

My lightbulb moment.

The realisation that I could get a higher quality product and leverage this to build an additional income stream was something very exciting to me. In the current financial climate, many financial experts recommend it is wise to create multiple streams of income e.g. stocks & shares, property, a social marketing business, a job etc.

The diagram below illustrates Social Marketing.

Social Marketing


Anyone can build an online business

Social Marketing gives anyone the ability to grow an online business. You can leverage the potential online and use social media to earn an additional income stream. This can work flexibly around what you are currently doing.

In my case, my interest in Arbonne came from having struggled with my skin and weight for many years. For me, these were the products that I had been looking for and what Arbonne International sells met my needs.  As a result of using the products very quickly my skin dramatically improved.  People asked me what I was doing. The improvements were there for everyone to see and this meant I was naturally telling them about Arbonne. This is word of mouth of marketing, which I didn’t even realise I was doing!  I began to realise that by starting a business with Arbonne, I could take an expense and turn it into an income for my household.

But I am not a product person

You might be thinking I am not a “product person”. Did you know the average UK woman spends around £850 a year on beauty and wellness products?  Most people use 26 products in their daily routine from shampoo to toothpaste.  Even if you take just 1 product for example mascara, used by most women consider how many mascaras you are likely to buy over a lifetime.  This is a great article here on this

We are all doing Social Marketing nowadays, we’re just not getting paid for it. 

Get paid to recommend!

When was the last time you recommended a good movie, restaurant or holiday?  Have you ever responded to a post on Facebook starting with “can anyone recommend “?  We are a nation of recommenders. Company’s know this. –Why do you think Virgin, will give you extra flyer mile points if you refer a friend.  Most companies’ offers rewards if you “recommend a friend”.  They do this because they know people are far more likely to buy on a genuine recommendation than on a magazine or TV advert.

Even though I was recommending companies day in and day out they were not sending me a thank you cheque.  By recommending Arbonne, I get a weekly cheque to thank me for the genuine recommendations I make to others. Because I believe in this brand and I know the products work I’m happy to do this.

Its all about conversations – no hard sell!

As I go about living my life day to day, Arbonne is weaved into the conversations I have. The engagements online are in a very natural way. Offering genuine value to people eliminates the feeling of a “hard sell”.  No one likes to be sold to including me!

When evaluating what Network/Social Marketing company to affiliate to my advice is to look at the Consumable nature of the product.  Is it something people need to repeat buy, or is it a one-off luxury item?

No chemicals, animal testing, gluten or dairy!

With Arbonne, I can offer the full complement of beauty, make-up and nutrition products, all great products. And all which people are searching for today.  Over the past 40 years, Arbonne has always been Vegan & cruelty-free. Long before these were buzz words! Their products contain no parabens & toxins and are gluten, dairy & soy-free. Arbonne has not allowed list of over 2000 plus chemical ingredients into their products. They are recognised for being the No 1 Global Brand for Healthy Living Products from the Inside Out.  I have huge confidence in the brand I endorse, and I am very passionate about recommending it to others.  These are the products I use all the time.


      So, are getting paid for your recommendations?

If not contact me today