I definitely do (still), but this past year I been in recovery for it!

Perfectitus or perfectionism as we know it, in my opinion is the thief of joy and productivity … because it sends us into “analysis paralysis” which stops us moving forwards with anything until everything is perfectly in place.

You know the things like – the new hobby you want to take up (but you need to wait until the kids are more settled at school) or you want to get healthier and fit and run that 10km (but when things have calmed down at work, so you have more time), or the new business idea you have but you don’t know what to do or where to start so you don’t … you know the things I’m talking about.

But what I’ve come to realise is that there will never be a perfect time – the time is NOW and this is your sign!  

When I place impossible standards of perfection on myself, I get overwhelmed and then I end up doing NOTHING! But if I choose to seek small progress each day, I take small baby steps of action which ultimately leads to me being more productive, which in turn makes me feel more accomplished, so then I’m inclined to want to do more and then more and then more.

It might take time (and sometimes longer than you thought) and it might be slow progress but that’s ok – who cares? Just crack on and do it. Stop waiting for life to happen to you – make it happen for you, and TAKE ACTION!

Mel Robbins (the most booked female motivational speaker in the world just now) talks more about taking action in her bestselling book – The Five Second Rule.  In it, she talks about how you can trick your brain in to taking action by counting down 5,4,3,2,1 and doing it – before your brain can talk you out of things!  Reading this has been such a game changer for me in my life, so I would highly recommend reading this if you’re feeling a bit “stuck”.

It’s also important to note that taking action and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is not going to feel easy, and you may even feel scared or fearful.

In my business, I speak to people all the time who are scared and unsure of themselves (often because of a lifetime of negativity and self-doubt), but I truly believe we will grow in our lives that to which we are personally developed – e.g. you read a helpful book/listen to a brilliant podcast and then you PUT IT INTO ACTION. Knowledge is never power unless you do something with it.

I know for me, over the years I’ve been chasing perfectionism in my business with things like my website … I’ve been wanting it to be “perfect” before I put it out there – it’s easy to compare yourself to others – but then no one has your set of circumstances, and so I just had to put my big girl panties on, and crack on and get it live even though it’s work in progress.

I firmly believe that in life, if we are not feeling at least a little bit uncomfortable and stretching ourselves to reach out of our comfort zones, then we are stagnating or going backwards – simple as.

Your goals might be health related, you may have business goals, further education goals or personal goals.  Whatever it is – no one is going to care about your dreams more than you do. So seek progress over perfection (I know it’s easier said than done – especially for a Type A personality like mine!).

Choose to make a tiny bit of progress every day – that is true success! And just be ok with being scared! Feel the fear and do it anyway, because out of the other side of BIG CHANGE are also big REWARDS!

Trust the process and enjoy the journey!

…and I’ve love to hear how you’re conquering your “Perfectitus”? Get in touch or jump into my Live Your Blessed Life Tribe and join the movement of those us living our best and most blessed lives by TAKING ACTION!


Love, Wendy x