wendy griffiths peppa pigSo lately I’ve been feeling guilty …

Deep down I love the idea of becoming a Vegan, and stopping eating animal products for health and welfare benefits, but here’s the thing… I’m a South African (who loves biltong!) and who secretly makes her 11-month-old daughter watch Peppa Pig every day, so how will this ever happen?

Growing up in South Africa, meat was like a religion!

Every meal would include meat and until recent years, if you called yourself a ‘Vegetarian’, let alone a ‘Vegan’, this would be met with gasps of horror and disbelief!

I’m in no way saying that meat is bad …

I believe that eaten in moderation, and from a good organic source, it’s an excellent form of Protein which is essential for a healthy body!

However, it’s just unfortunate that in today’s world, due to the demand for meat, it’s meant that farming and production practices have become so stretched and compromised that we can’t be sure that what we’re picking up off the shelf at the end of the day, is good for us and our families (think of the horse meat scandal).

I’ve become more and more conscious about where my food is coming from…

And what I’m putting in my body, and more and more proactive about converting my family’s diet to that of an 80% organic diet (20% of the time we eat out).  It’s a commitment and an increased expense, but one that I am prepared to make at the expense of other things, to ensure the integrity of what we are eating as a family.

So now, if there isn’t organic meat available, or it’s too expense for what we’re prepared to pay – we don’t have meat.  It means eating more fruit, vegetables and salad … so I feel like this willingness and effort, kind of makes me half a Vegetarian, right?!

If I became a Vegan, I would miss bacon!!

Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon hot out the pan … and what to giving up cheese or eggs (my ultimate hero)?

So, here’s my plan…

My new goal, is that rather than put a ‘label’ on my eating habits, my aim is to cook and eat 4 out of 7 meals a week that are Vegetarian based dishes.

I’ve done this initially by brushing up on my “vege” cooking skills, and using the likes of “Abel & Cole” meal boxes to inspire me! So far, it’s going well! When you cook a proper vegetarian meal, full of flavor and lovely fresh ingredients, you don’t actually miss the meat – I promise!

It’s inspired me!

I’ve looked at a lot of my “old repertoire” of recipes I cook, and how I can pack more vegetables into them, so that the majority of what I’m eating is plant based protein (which is actually what our animals eat as their protein in the first place).

Who knows, maybe one day eating meat will be the thing people gasp at in horror?

In the meantime, if you’re an aspiring Vegetarian or Vegan like me, or simply trying to eat more vegetables, then here are my “7 Simple Suppers” or the busy health realist, which have really helped me! My hope is that they will inspire and help you on your journey too!
And if you love these recipe ideas you may wish to download my free “7 Simple Days” of recipes, which includes breakfasts, lunches, snacks and smoothies.  Get your copy here:7 Simple Days 

Yours in Healthy & Happiness,

Wendy x