Lots of people are combining a part time business with a full time role!

Is it actually possible to combine a part time business with a full-time job? With careful planning and great time management it is. It is time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Why would you want 2 jobs?

For some people they need additional income to supplement their current full-time job. This might be because they have to save for something special like a wedding, special holiday, a house move or because the current full-time income simply doesn’t cover the bills.

For others it might be a gentle introduction to a career change. By starting a business part time, you can see if this is a change you might want to make on a full-time basis. You may also be someone who wants to work towards a more flexible working life, one that can fit around your family. So, you can be there for your children in school holidays without the worry of finding childcare.

When I was working full time I saw stressed out mothers rushing into work from nursery drop offs. This was the main motivation for starting my online business with Arbonne. Seeing that look of horror on their faces when the alert from the train company would pop up on their phones around home time saying their train was cancelled.  The stress that was going to cause them with childcare was immense. I knew from that moment I wanted to work towards a future that meant I could manage motherhood and a career by working for myself.

What planning do you need to consider?

For many a career change may involve further training and courses. If you are considering an Arbonne business, we provide all the training and support you need to help you transition.

Firstly, plan out your week and work out how much time you have to devote to your additional activity.  There are so many “fringe hours” in our day which we don’t realise we’re wasting. For example watching too much TV!  This time could be spent investing in building something for the future. If you want to create more time I recommend this  great book with lots of tips called Fringe Hours

You can  grow an Arbonne business by investing 5-10 hours a week consistently.  Over the course of 3-5 years you will see your business grow and flourish with this consistency.

You will need some seed money to get started.

You can join Arbonne for as little as £30. I recommend new starters get some products for themselves to use and experience as brand ambassadors for Arbonne. This means they are able to give authentic recommendations.  I advise getting some products for your business to be able to use as testers for people to try. New consultants can spend what they want to and its very personal to everyone.

Think about what skills you have and what you love doing.

Consider working with a coach.  I found this really useful and by working with a coach it established what I enjoyed and loved doing. This helped motivate me to learn new things. I have invested in self-development. I enjoy meeting new people, building relationships, being healthy and Social Media. These were all things I could transfer into a career with Arbonne and Social Marketing.

If you are interested in some of these types of things too, then an Arbonne business may be the perfect opportunity for you. You don’t have to be an expert. I have learnt so much as I’ve gone along, and earned an extra income at the same time, which has been a win-win!

Time Management

Scheduling in time to work on your part time business is essential. Block out time in your diary. You need to learn to be organised so make sure you work with to do list.  I personally focus on 3 goals a day (a mix of personal and professional) that I must achieve – anything else is a bonus! Then I feel like I’m achieving tasks. This is opposed to a big long to-do list that never gets done!

Do not try and keep everything in your head or on post it notes. You can use online task planners such Remember the Milk or apps like Wunderlist.. You can even share lists like groceries with your partner so no more running out of nappies and milk!

Be determined

People will often try and talk you out of doing something additional to your day job. This is because they of course want to spend time with you and may not understand the bigger picture you are trying to achieve. It is really important to be determined. If you know why you want to do this stay firm with your plans.

I encourage new starters with Arbonne and as an on-going exercise to always think about their “WHY” and reasons for starting a business. When the going gets tough, as it inevitably does in life, you can use this as a reminder of why you started a business.

Focus on your goal

Create a vision board. Spend time really thinking about what a part time business can bring to your life.  Sit with some magazines, cut out some pictures and stick the ones that resonate onto your vision boar.  Put this up where you can see it. This really helps you to create the focus you need to motivate you to build a new income stream.

You can use online goal planning tools. One I use and recommend is Evo Goals. 

If your work-life balance is out of kilter, you’re drowning in the day-to-day, or you’re stuck in a rut and want to create change, then this is the tool for you. EVO GOALS cuts through the clutter, helping you to find focus and take action.

Find a mentor

Someone who has made the transition and is successfully running a part time business around a full-time job will be a great help to you. They will know all the pitfalls and all the tips and tricks to get your business moving.

With an Arbonne business you get this for free.  We have an amazing community of mentors for you to plug into.  One of the things I love most about my career, is mentoring others on how to successfully run Arbonne businesses, for some teaching them the tips on combining a part time job with a full time role!

Get social media savvy!

Building a part time business requires you to use social media. Popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you don’t know enough about these get some help. There is also so much free training out there to be able to learn how best to do it.  Being able to use these platforms well and understanding how to be compliant is very important. Being creative with your posts and sharing important and interesting information – you don’t want to come across as a sales bore!

The Transition – give up the day job!

For many the day comes when they have built their part time business to such a degree, as I had done, where they can give up the day job! The time this takes will depend on how much time and effort has been put in to building the part time business. There is no race (unless you put time constraints on yourself) and once you feel happy with the level your business is at you can hand in your notice.  I decided 6 months prior to resigning from my corporate job when I would do it. I even wrote my letter and dated it, and kept it in a drawer until I was ready to hand it in.  Knowing it was written kept me accountable.

Not everyone gives up the day job!

For some giving up their day job was never part of their dream. An Arbonne business for example can work alongside an existing business such as a therapy business, health and wellness business, or even a full-time career in corporate. My own mentor still works full time in her IT job and loves it! What she also loves is the extra income that Arbonne brings. The income is used for investing, saving and “play” money.   For others they simply love their day job but need an additional income and with an Arbonne business you decide! Combining a part time job with a full time role is possible and can bring many benefits to your life.


If you’d like to talk more about growing an income and business with Arbonne alongside what you’re currently doing, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We can schedule a call to discuss what this could look like for you.  Alternatively, you may know someone who may benefit from this information, so please do share it with them.