If you are working full time, are a parent, or have other family responsibilities, I’m sure at some point during your busy week you wish you could create time for yourself!

It’s not easy juggling everything that life has to throw at you.

We make life choices so we can enjoy our careers, spending time with loved ones, or being with our families.

With the busyness of modern-day living, it’s easy to end up trying to achieve more and more, filling our time with as many tasks as possible.

The result is that we actually lose sight of creating time for ourselves so we can stop and appreciate our lives, and recharge our batteries.  We need to create time so we can keep that time for us, not to fill it with other responsibilities.

Struggling to maintain the pace of life

Not long ago I attended a reunion with some lovely friends of mine, and I was surprised to hear how they were literally all feeling extremely overwhelmed by their lives and struggling to maintain the pace of life.

There was a shared feeling that there has to be ‘more’ to life than eating, sleeping, working, childcare, bed, repeat repeat repeat…….

They asked me how I changed what I did to enable me to create ‘precious time’ that I could enjoy.

Resources make my life easier

Remote working, Wendy GriffithsAnyone who knows me knows I am a great believer of using Apps to make life easier.

I constantly use resources that are around me to make the most of my time in any situation.  My phone has all resources needed to share information, make lists, share calendars, communicate etc. wherever I am.

The other night whilst settling Jessie in her room waiting for her to fall to sleep, I created a blog for my website on my phone.  I then sent it to my VA to proof check and publish – job done, don’t overthink it just do it!

My toddler group recently asked if I could make a fantastic cake to take along to a meet up.  Why would I spend time making a cake?  This is something I don’t enjoy doing and it would stress me out?  I would much rather use my time to buy the perfect cake to take with me.  Time saved, and stress removed!

When I feel overwhelmed, I often ask myself “if money was no object, would you still be doing this?”.  If the answer is no – then it’s simple – it gets deleted or delegated!  This just helps me to reframe the situation.

Clever use of my time means I can then create time for me to focus on my health & wellbeing, go to the gym, have a date night or even just get my nails done.

I’m passionate about saving time and would love to share my 5 top tips for saving time which have changed the course of my life, and most importantly given me time back.  Everyone deserves a life before work!

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