Together we are creating better lifestyle habits

Together we are creating better lifestyle habits

Some people can implement and create new habits without much fuss, but my experience is that we need the village (I certainly did), for ourselves not just our kids.

Join my membership club, where I will be supporting, guiding and encouraging you on your journey along with a community of other Mums, who will be there to have your back and keep you motivated.

as a community of busy mums, we are going to do great things together

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I'm Wendy, helping busy Mums get their energy back.

My club gives you a place where you can access all my content whenever you want.
You will receive special deals, live one-on-one's with me, a community of mums, resources and more all to assist you with your progress in implementing lifestyle habits that serve you and the life you want.

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Every week at the same time and in the same place I will do a coaching call with the members. Here we will tackle a new topic and you get to ask me questions live.

The first 50 members get a private 20 minute clarity call to assess your needs and get to know each other.
All members get discounted rates on my 1hr Power Hour sessions and 20min clarity call
All members can email be and message me directly.

Here's What You'll Get

Weekly Coaching

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You will receive a weekly newsletter with all the latest info dedicated to the membership club focused on your needs.

Weekly newsletter

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You will get access to all my courses and resources (meal plans, cook books, productivity tools etc) as part of the membership. You will also always be the first to have access to any new launches, products or specials.

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results 

— Albert Einstein

Is This Right For You?

You want or need to make lifestyle changes

you know you're going to need a support 

you need a bit of motivation & somewhere to be accountable

you can make these lifestyle changes in your own time while still progressing

you could do with a reminder that progress, not perfection, is where the success lies

Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success 

— Shiv Khera

Join the club!

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I completely understand. We are all concious of money and time. Contact me with any further questions or clarification you may need

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