work with me

work with me

Are you struggling with time and getting everything done in a day?
Perhaps there are too many priorities with work and kids and you're not one of them, but you know you need to be?
Or maybe you're just feeling a bit overwhelmed, there's too much brain clutter and you need to regain some order and control?

We're going to find your challenge, get you unstuck and back in control

I can help you implement achievable lifestyle habits

I can help you with time saving and creating more energy and headspace to have a healthier lifestyle - so you can thrive and not just survive your busy working mum life.

Let's deep dive into what is going to help you with where you are right now.

Whether this is with your health and habits or perhaps you would like some support/training or coaching with your business or career - these sessions cater to YOU.



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How It Works

You’ll receive a follow up email confirming the time of your session and a questionnaire I need you to complete and send back before the call. This allows us both to be prepped to maximise our time.

 There will also be a Zoom link to join the call on the day (please keep this safe). You will get an email reminder 24 hours before your Power Session.

follow up email

We will first spend time on an intro and summarising your questionnaire.

We will discuss the areas you are struggling with, deep diving into your challenges.

Then time will be spent on finding achievable solutions and last 10 minutes wrapping up.

For the accountability package, follow up call/s will assess how you are doing, speak about challenges, mindset and find ways to make any adjustments and ensure you are able to continue moving forward.

We focus on what is achievable for your! Not more stuff to overwhelm you.

what do we do with the time?

After the call, I'll email over the recording (within 48 hours) along with a follow up report
summarising what we discussed in the call, including my recommendations.

once you've booked your preferred session

90 Day monthly calls

These calls can be structured, or exploratory and conversational always ensuring you walk away feeling that you have support/answers/accountability.
This time is YOURS and we will work together to achieve your goals.

Is This Right For You?

you know you need to make some changes but you don't know how

you don't want to be overwhelmed, you need practical and achievable help

you know you can get unstuck, you just need a little nudge

you want to talk to someone, in person, who can give you some guidance

you're ready to implement new lifestyle habits that won't overwhelm you



Where will my Session be held? Zoom, this allows me to record our session and send it to you.


What time should I arrive? As our session is on Zoom, you can either wait in the "meeting room" for a minute or two before or be on time when I open the meeting.


What do I need to prepare? Please have answered and sent back the questionnaire that I send you. This allows me to prep for our meeting.  


What do I need to bring to the call? Just yourself. Feel free to write down any questions you may have to ask me during our time together


How will the session be structured? We will do a brief intro to each other and recap of your questionnaire in the first 10min, the following 20mins we deep dive and discuss the areas that you are concerned about or where you're stuck. For 20mins we chat about possibly solutions and actions you can take and our final 10mins gives us time to recap.
This is the basic structure, each call is different and evolves slightly differently.


Will the session be recorded? Yes it is and I will send you the recording within 48hrs of our session.


Can I bring a spouse/friend? This is a one-on-one session to assist you. You are welcome to share your recording with your spouse/friend.


Is it ok if I bring my baby/toddler? Preferably not, and I do not recommend it. We have a finite amount of time to try and assist you and this is better achieved when you can commit your undivided attention to our session. 


What if I need to cancel? Sessions are non-refundable and you can cancel to reschedule within 24 hours of our booked time.


What will happen afterwards? I will send you a recording of our session as well as an email with a follow up report about what we discussed and the solutions we proposed. 


What kind of results can I expect? I will assist you to determine what can be achievable changes you can make to your day-to-day life that helps you manage your core challenge. These changes are small but impactful and will not add to the daily overwhelm.

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what are you waiting for?

Your most valuable parenting skill is learning to manage yourself first.

— Dr. Laura Markham

I'm Wendy, helping busy Mums thrive.

The Mum juggle is very real. I know. The mental load is also very real. Let me guide through creating lifestyle habits that serve you and lead to a more balance, a more in-control and purposeful life.

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Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success 

— Shiv Khera

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