Meal planning has saved me hours during the week and helped reduce my mental load as a mum - I want this for you too!

With a little planning and consistency, this one habit can transform you day-to-day life by reducing stress and having to constantly think about food and the endless request for snacks.

As a working mum, I'm all about habits that free up our time and take away some of the stress and anxiety we feel as busy mums.

Let's dive in ...

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10 December
Meal Planning

How It Works

Join me and other busy mums on
10 December at 20h30.
I will be live on Zoom with the exclusive group of mums who book for this masterclass.
You will be able to see me and interact with me in real time.
If you can't make the masterclass, I will be sending out a recording to everyone who books.

You will receive the Zoom meeting link 24hrs prior to the Masterclass and a reminder the morning of. 

where, WHEN & how much?

My December Masterclass will be focusing on meal planning and how it can help you manage the stress around cooking, time, nutritional value of your family meals and free up your time.   You will walk away with practical tips and tools that you can implement immediately. 

I emphasise Progress over Perfection!

And focus on small changes that are achievable and fit your lifestyle and what you need.

what is covered?

I will do a brief introduction about myself and how I come to the point where I have helped and continue to help busy mums. 
We will be deep diving into meal planning for 3o minutes.

I allocate approximately 15 minutes for Q&A and welcome offline questions that I will respond to the following day.

the format

Each mum in the Masterclass is going to have different needs.  In this Masterclass I will cover how, with meal planning, you can reduce the mental load of cooking for the family. I  ask the mums to focus on those on habits that are small and achievable first. "slow and steady wins the race"
Whatever your situation, you will walk away with enough to have you set-up to tackle any and all areas should you want.

I love cooking (not so much baking), but cooking.  Food is an important part of our lives. 

I love eating food, the social nature of preparing it, serving and enjoying it with others.

Food should be celebrated!

BUT, there is nothing like having to cook for the family under work and life stress to have the joy of cooking sucked away.

Meal planning is an incredible tool and habit that I've used in my life to help manage my time and stress.

I had the same challenges, stopped enjoying cooking and had to make changes.

my success lIES in small Consistent changes that didn't add to the overwhelm. progress over perfection

but guess what...

Increase your productivity in the time you have. 

How does this sound?

Reduce your stress and remove some Mum-Guilt around meals 



the results you're going to get through small achievable changes:

Regain your enjoyment for cooking


Increase nutritional value of meals and variety 


Be able to reduce your budget on food cost and reduce wastage of food


Is This Right For You?

You need to reduce the stress/mental load around meals

you want more variety in your meals

YOu WANT to maximise the time you do have, no more lastminute.com

you need to reduce food wastage & save money

you're ready to implement new habits

you want to prioritise nutrition for yourself and family

You're just 2 - 3 habits away from thriving in mum-life and steering yourself towards the lifestyle you want.

— Wendy Griffith

Get your free
Meal Planner &
Healthy Hacks Guide

Transform your day-to-day life and remove the chore of cooking.
I'm excited to share my FREE meal planner and dinner hacks.
Be done with the mental load of trying to decide what to cook every night.

Free guide

Why meal planning works and how it can help you
Cupboard and freezer essentials 
Dirty dozen and clean15
Example planner - What a typical week in my house looks like
Blank meal planner - so you can plan your meals for the week 
Notes & planning page
Favourite recipes
Top meal planning hacks and discount codes 

What's inside the meal planner?

I hate when I go to the kitchen for food and all I find are ingredients

I can help you implement achievable and realistic habits that make immediate differences to your lifestyle. 
I focus on progress, not perfection, because life is messy and that "pie-in-the-sky' balance is not always possible. But there are absolutely ways to take back control, increase your energy, reduce your stress and mental clutter and create a life that you don't need a holiday from.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

"You can't keep doing the same things you've been doing and expect different results.
Stop making excuses and make a change

— the goodvibe.co

I'm Wendy, helping you take-your-life-back.

The Mum juggle is very real. I know. The mental load is also very real. Let me guide you through creating lifestyle habits that serve you and lead to a more balanced, more in control and purposeful life.

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You can get it all done without the Mum guilt.
You just need the tools and a bit of accountability

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