My Story begins..

In 2005 I stepped off a plane from South Africa with nothing but 2 heavy suitcases and £500 to my name!

Scared and with no clue what to expect my life in the UK began. How was an ardent sun worshiper going to cope with the cold, wet and windy weather in England? Was building a new life in a country far from home with no friends or family to support me really possible?

Stepping out of the comfort Zone

To make this work, my decision was to push myself out of my comfort zone. Step by Step and day by day I built a new life. For anyone who has done this you will know how hard it can be. A new culture can be difficult to integrate into. There are many challenges to face, but I did this as I wanted more than anything to make this work. My focus was always on making my dreams a reality.

Initially I built a successful career in marketing. But commuting in London every day felt like such a slog. Feeling unhappy and not living my best life meant I didn’t feel fulfilled. Discovering Arbonne through the love of the products, let me start a side business activity. I met a community of new people and gained more confidence in myself. After 2 years I took the decision to leave the corporate world and work on my Arbonne business full time.

Wendy Griffith, Arbonne

And now I am a Mum!

There was a point in my life where I thought this would never happen. I had major issues conceiving and after a very stressful time had to go through I.V.F. Even if you have not gone through this process you will have read how difficult this is both mentally and physically. But I am a determined person and having a child was a dream to me and like everything in my life I just don’t quit! After embarking on the journey of I.V.F, maintaining a healthy living lifestyle was important to me. In 2016 we were so fortunate to welcome our little miracle Jessie into the world. A truly magical day.

I adore being a mother. For me, it’s all about the smallest things. Being such a big part of her life, spending time together and watching her grow and develop is amazing. My work with Arbonne gives me the flexibility to do this, which is a key factor. My daughter is so precious to me I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Being a present parent was vitally important to me. Today my Arbonne business is part-time hours but with success achieved through hard work, I have replaced my corporate marketing manager income!

The story does not end there. Many years ago I promised myself I would live by the sea. In 2018 this became a reality. I now leave in Norfolk, in the countryside just a short drive to the beach. Spending time paddling in the sea and making sandcastles is a regular activity, along with countryside walks with my dog, daughter and husband.

I am very excited about the future. My business has gone from strength to strength. My team are a very inspiring group of women. Working for Arbonne is both rewarding and interesting. I love helping other people grow a business that gives them spare time to do what they love. In addition giving support to people who want to improve their health and well-being is a passion of mine. For me I love the fact I have a business which combines both.

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