… and how you can benefit from change!


September has always represented a season of change for me. It’s a new school year, a new season and it’s my birthday month, which is always a time when I stop and reflect on the last year, celebrate my life, and set my intentions for the year ahead.


This September more than ever, there is a lot of change happening in my life, and I’ve found myself feeling quite uneasy and at times a bit fearful … but let me explain!


Did you know that your body can physiologically not differentiate between fear and excitement? It recognises it in the same way – the anxious feelings, the butterflies in your stomach, the sweaty palms etc. Therefore, we can reframe our fear around changing our circumstances or big life changes and events as excitement – knowing that it’s normal to feel fear, but we do it anyway!


Over the past few months there have been some extenuating circumstances around me, and while it sounds like such a cliché, it’s got me to truly reflect on what’s important to me, acknowledging the hard and biggest lessons I’ve learnt this past year but ultimately I have clarity on how I want to be showing up in my life, moving forwards in my 36th year on this amazing planet!


So here are my 3 biggest lessons from the past year, and my hope is that my hindsight can be your foresight …


Lesson 1: What other people think of me, is none of my business!


I believe God blesses us with our own unique set of talents and gifts we can share with the world, and it’s on us to shine our lights bright and show up for who we are meant to be, and not what we think everyone wants us to be! This has been a huge realisation for me this past year!


Lesson 2: We will never feel ‘ready’, we just have to take action!


So much of the time, we can become stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ about all the things that could go wrong when we take big leaps forward … but how many of these really ever come to fruition? Our brains are designed to “protect” us from harm by showing us all the things that can go wrong when we are stepping out of our comfort zones. The biggest mistake we can make is believing these ‘what if’s’, as 99% of them don’t happen, and so we’ve missed out on the opportunity to do something awesome and life changing!


Lesson 3: Just say ‘yes’ – but only when it aligns to your values and your goals.


Recently, I’ve said ‘yes’ to something that has been on my life long bucket list – and when the opportunity presented itself a couple of months back – I just said yes, even though I’m feeling such fear around it. In November, I am going on a mission trip to Uganda – 10 days in deepest, darkest Africa working at a women’s maternity unit helping in any way that I can. I am scared of making the trip out there alone (as the rest of the team go a few days ahead of me), I am scared of how sad I will be when I see the realities of Africa and how much people struggle. I am scared of how much I am going to miss my baby girl when I am out there. I am scared of being a mom who leaves her child to pursue a lifelong goal. I am scared too of being the mother that doesn’t. I’m just scared, but that’s also how I know that I need to do it, because it’s also excitement too!


I firmly believe that in life, if we are not feeling uncomfortable and stretching ourselves to reach out of our comfort zones, then we are stagnating or going backwards – simple as.   As I embark into my 36th year today I really want to encourage you to find the beauty in the journey YOU are on – comparing yourself to others is pointless, because no one is on the same journey as you.


Big changes always come with feeling the most uncomfortable – but when you recognize this fear may be holding you back, you can push through it, and move forwards. After all – the biggest changes in life, often lead to the greatest rewards!



Wendy x