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Keeping The Faith with Wendy Griffith




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Busy mum and entrepreneur Wendy joins me to chat food hacks! And who better to share hacks than Wendy - she’s helps busy mums create positive lifestyle habits so they can feel more energised and fulfilled…how cool is that?!

We both love food and, as you will find out, we both love a natter, so we got together for a chinwag.

This podcast is full of nuggets of good advice: when to have breakfast, how to add more protein to your breakfast, how to stay fuller for longer, lunches from leftovers, batch cook Sundays and how to deal with a lack of freezer space!

So how do you get out your way & keep the faith, so you can continue to grow your business …. especially when it’s feeling like it’s taking much longer than you’d like?

That’s exactly what the wonderful Wendy Griffith & I chat about in this week’s podcast episode. (Along with revealing why Wendy nearly caused a scandal in my life … listen in to hear why!)  I know you’re an ambition & driven individual like Wendy, so that means that you’re going to love her honest perspectives on how she juggles many competing priorities & keeps going when things aren’t all ‘Instagram-glam’ behind the scenes.

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On today’s show, “Episode 87: How To Thrive With The Juggle Of Family And Work” Wendy Griffith, successful business owner and mum joins us to discuss how she catapulted herself into a health and lifestyle business, while thriving in the juggle of work, health and motherhood while she builds it.

Creating Healthier Habits with Wendy Griffith

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Wendy specialises in helping mums create healthier habits in their lives so they can have the same energy as their kids.
I love her straight talking but friendly advice and came away with some great nuggets of information from this.

We discussed not only how she got started, but she also shared amazing advice for you if you’re looking to start and grow your own business too.

{04:47} If you’re not in a position to give up your income to go after your dream (and let’s face it, who is?) then this is how Wendy worked around it
{07:28} Who not to take advice from when you’re just starting out
{19:50} Why taking care of ourselves is not 'me first' but 'me too'
{24:54} How nothing exists inside our comfort zone
{29:20} If you’re waiting for your knight in shining armour to come and save you, this bit's for you!

THE FORGEIGN MUM PODCAST: The South African who became a healthy habit expert


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Ask The Experts Roundtable: 8 Strategies for Overwhelmed ADHD Moms

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How can we, as moms with ADHD, take care of ourselves?
Today I've got 8 new friends for you. Everyone is either a mama with ADHD or a professional who works with moms like us; many of them are both. These ladies are sharing with us what works for our amazing brains.
We've been talking about self-care the last few months because self care got a bad rap recently -- self care is not about taking a bubble bath or spending time in luxury.
Self care is literally that - taking care of yourself.
How can you take of your family if you don't take care of yourself?
News flash: you are an integral part of your family. You are valuable, too. You deserve care. You need rest. So where do we start taking care of mom? Listen in as these experts share.

I have the pleasure of bringing you the fabulous Wendy, a South African Healthy Habits coach. Wendy talks about her childhood growing up in South Africa. When she was only 12 Apartheid ended and she explains what was it like to live there as a white person through it all. We also spoke about how she met her husband, their IVF baby and her career from the early days to where it is today. It sounds amazing as Wendy is incredible at what she does but she is also one of these people who does what she preaches by working hard as well as managing to find time in her busy schedule for herself and her family. I am sure you are going to learn a thing or two from the tips she gives.

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