Wendy Griffith, Arbonne


… This year’s theme was OWN IT, and that we did!

I’ve recently returned from my company Arbonne’s*, global training conference (GTC) in Las Vegas. This annual conference was from the 16th-18th May and this is the 8th time I have been. Currently I feel very excited about what I have learnt and the new products we’ve launched, and the conference has left me feeling empowered and exhilarated. The theme for this year was OWN IT, and that we did!

I love the culture we have in Arbonne. All based around lifting each other up and championing one another.

We are all independent business owners. I don’t work for Arbonne, but I partner with them and promote their products as my own business. One of our core values is that we know that when one of us is successful, we are all successful and this means the brand and company continues to flourish. Success breeds success.

Fantastic Energy

The energy you experience at our conference events are like nothing else I have ever attended. Las Vegas has an incredibly positive vibe! The conference event is held at the MGM Grand Arena and this brings people together from across the 6 countries of Arbonne (USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Australia & New Zealand), who all share the same values and mission, and this is so amazingly powerful!

There were 16,000 people in the arena, bigger than many concerts!

This conference was also especially exciting for me, as I was returning to GTC having been promoted to a new level in my business – Regional Vice President (RVP). This is the 3 of 4 management levels we have in Arbonne, which simply denotes organisational turnover.

Celebrating success!

I got to walk onto the stage, which is one of the many celebrations and perks of promoting to RVP, in front of 16,000 people – all cheering me on and celebrating my success. I also got to attend many special event receptions – including 2 poolside parties, the first was a welcome reception for VP level on the Wednesday before the conference started – we were treated to an amazing buffet and drinks being served to us in the Wet & Wild Republic – so fun!

The second was on Saturday night at the Pure Vibe party, where Arbonne close off and take over the 4 pools of the MGM Grand and everyone wears the colour white – with 2000 of us in attendance, all having recently promoted to a new level in our businesses, it was such a spectacular scene of white, and so much fun dancing to the backdrop of the Vegas sky!

Regional Vice President luncheon

It was also so special to be treated to a new RVP luncheon reception with the management team of Arbonne – Stian Morck, who is our Brand Ambassador and son of our late founder Petter Morck, thanked us new RVP’s for our contribution to Arbonne’s incredible growth this past year – there were nearly 300 of us in attendance!

This conference also offers opportunities to train on the main stage and it’s a huge honour to be asked!

This year I was delighted to see 2 of my special friends and mentors in business, Lesley Collins and Emma Sangster be asked to this as representatives for our UK business.

Lesley trained on how to build a strong and sustainable business, having recently promoted to the top level of management in Arbonne. Lesley has been in Arbonne for 10 years now, having previously started when she first heard the opportunity, but shortly quit through not fully understanding our business. When she saw the rising success of her best friend Emma, she didn’t want to miss out anymore and got cracking. With a nearly 2-year-old son, she is so grateful the time and choices give her both personally and financially.

Emma trained on building a legacy business and this touched a nerve for many, when Emma showed a picture of her family on screen. Emma started her business when she was just 22, joining her mother in business, with many laughing at her for doing it, but at 25 reached the top level of Arbonne. 2 years ago, she was able to retire her husband from a job he no longer enjoyed, and they are now a stay at home family, with her husband supporting her in business too.

E mma, Arbonne International


Both of these ladies are a huge inspiration to many of us, who want the benefits of a successful career, but also want to be fully present with our families.

I am almost at my 8 year anniversary with Arbonne this August, and it is my goal to retire my husband from London, and bring him home by my 10th anniversary – it is also on my vision board to train main stage at GTC in the future, but first I have my goal set to train on our stage at our UK conference, which takes place every September.

Where does the Arbonne brand sit amongst all the ‘big brands’? Our turnover is half a billion (similar size as Clinique), but we are only currently in the 6 countries I previously mentioned at the moment – and our global parent company Group Rocher , who took ownership a year ago, painted a vision for us of a very exciting future!

In the past year, Arbonne has experienced their biggest turnover since 2007!

I believe that’s because Arbonne have been constantly innovating in the industry of health & wellbeing and social marketing, since our inception in the late 1970’s. They have a newly defined mission: Empower people to thrive with sustainable healthy living and passionate community and vision: They believe everyone can flourish by being good to themselves, their communities and the environment.

Perhaps you’d like to join me next April 2020 when we’ll be going back to do it all over again from the 16th-18th April? Seeing many of my amazing team experience the event for the first time, was a huge highlight for me!

If you’d like to understand more about what working with me, and partnering with Arbonne looks like, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can book you in for an introductory call.



Arbonne is a highly regarded premium brand with a Swiss heritage. The products are healthy, botanically based and inspired by nature. Arbonne Independent Consultants believe in the Arbonne products and vision and enjoy the flexibility of a business tailored around their lives — not the other way around. They earn income through the Arbonne compensation plan, or Success Plan. Arbonne is a direct selling company that operates in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland, and New Zealand with a network of approximately 265,900 Active Independent Consultants and 2,800,000 Preferred Clients as of the end of 2018.