What is it really like to work with me?

My focus when choosing an Arbonne business was to inspire and support others to build the same success as me. I wanted to share my knowledge and expertise and felt compelled to share this with as many people as possible but not in a pushy way!! That is just not me!!

Encouragement and mentoring others is something I am very passionate about.

We can all write things about ourselves, but nothing beats wonderful words from others.

So, here are some of the views of my team whose words have moved me and made me realise that what I do, daily and without thinking, really makes a difference to the lives of others.


Each day has such enormous potential

I’d never contemplated running my own business but Wendy’s never-ending encouragement and leadership has opened my eyes to what I could become and how I can live a life of my choosing. Wendy’s mentoring has been the most influential aspect of my business so far!

From recommending books, podcasts, training and being at the end of the phone in a crisis, she always knows the advice I need, when to challenge my comfort zone and she has helped me to focus my own vision into something tangible and exciting. I now wake up with a buzz, knowing that each day has such enormous potential, I just need to kick into action!”

– Hannah, 21 year old pastry chef & Arbonne business owner


Keep developing yourself

“I’ve been working with Wendy for almost 4 years and she has been a constant source of knowledge, advice and support with my business and life in general! As a busy mum of 2 children running my Arbonne business alongside our family business, I have little time to myself but Wendy is always there to lend an ear, recommend sources of personal development to help me when I stumble and help me stand firm as I look ahead to a successful future!

– Helen, 40 years old, Pub owner, Mum of 2 & Arbonne business owner


You can reach your goals!

“I’ve known Wendy for nearly two years and am so impressed by her wisdom, work ethic and kindness. I’m nearly 15 years older and yet I learn from Wendy every day as she mentors me and supports and encourages me with my goals. I have achieved a richness to my life through personal development and hard work. Wendy has shown me that having a business alongside my full-time job can work, and now I have greater choices that I had never dreamt of before.”

– Jasbir, 50 years old, Corporate Accountant, Mum of 2 & Arbonne business owner


Sharing knowledge

“Wendy is an inspiration! I have found her to be so passionate about helping people and her love of all things health and well-being shines through in everything she does. Listening to Wendy is inspirational as she is an amazing speaker and packs tons of valuable tips into her presentations. She knows her stuff and shares her knowledge so generously. Thank you so much Wendy.”

Ronit Gerber


I love helping people to make better choices. This might be improving their health or their wealth and in most cases its both!

Would you like to work with me?

If you would love to explore working with me then book a call now! I would love to talk you through the opportunities Arbonne can bring to your life. You can visit this link to find out more – click here.

I really value my team and the time I spend with them. We all learn from each other and nurture our success. This is one of the big benefits of Arbonne – you get to work for yourself but be part of a team. Nothing beats having a tribe around you and I place at lot of value on mine who bring so many special things to my life.

Here are a few pictures of our recent trip to Las Vegas and one of our team events.