‘Work-life balance’ has to be one of the most overused phrases!

A mentor once said to me: “Work is life, and life is work” … which really got me thinking about this illusive ‘work-life balance’ which society tells us that we’re meant to have.

But nowadays, with the pace and sheer volume of information and decisions we’re having to make on a daily basis… is ‘work-life balance’ the biggest con?

Most people I speak to feel so overwhelmed!

In today’s world, it feels impossible to get everything we have to do done in a day, let alone have ‘balance’ in the midst of it…

There will definitely be times of our lives where things are ‘out of balance’ because we are say; planning a wedding, going for a promotion, or we have an important deadline to get finished.

However, I’m talking about the day to day of what makes us feel balanced, and like we’re achieving and ticking things off our ‘to-dos’ lists.

Sometimes we just put too much pressure on ourselves…

I did, and sometimes still do!

When I was working in London, my daily aspiration of ‘balance’ used to be: that I could fit into a size 10, wearing a well put together outfit, kicking boardroom butt, all the while leaving work on time, with my inbox at ‘0’ – to get home to my immaculately clean and organised home, cook a healthy meal for my husband & I, with time afterwards to catch up with friends and family, before getting myself to bed at 10pm to get the ‘ideal’ 8 hours of sleep, before my alarm went off a 6am, and I was up for my morning workout.  Crazy much? No wonder I was stressed!

Think back to our grandmother’s times…

Never has the pressure to be a high performing “career girl” and be an engaged and available wife/mother/sister/daughter/friend been so high!

The expectation to leave school with good grades… go to University or start in the workplace … to get a good job and work our way up the corporate ladder … to then feel the pressure of finding ‘the one’, while not getting married “too young” or “too old” … and leaving it “too late” to have a family … and when’s the perfect time to do this? Seriously… no wonder we’ve all got a bit overwhelmed and lost!

What do we really all want?

I mean truly, really want for our lives if we didn’t have to care what society, our families or anyone else thought?

For me – it was to be happy! Happy to have time to do things I loved, and spend time with people I loved. That’s it!

So, when I hit burn-out at age 29, I was done with the hamster wheel and desperate to find a way out.  So, I took ACTION!

It wasn’t like it was just suddenly all fine…

I took small daily actions which compounded over time…and today I find myself living a life more ‘in balance’ with what makes me happy, rather than what makes everyone else happy … and now I’m so passionate about sharing my story with other women, so that they can let my hindsight be their foresight.

I’d love to share the tips which really helped me, in my “Top 5 Tips For Taking Action” My hope is that this will help and inspire you to take action towards the ‘balance’ that is right for you … because everyone deserves to have a life they truly love, and a life before work!

Love, Wendy x

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