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I’m delighted you want to find out more information about working with me!

Congratulations on taking the first step to changing your life!

If you have a vision for your life and are ready to make changes then read on to find out more about the opportunity that I have for you.

Is your work/life balance out of kilter?

I believe everyone deserves to put life before work, I’m passionate about helping women create a balance between a fulfilling career and family and personal life. With focus, you can achieve the life you desire.

Put plans into place and action them! Nothing is easy in life but with the right support and people around to motivate you, success becomes easier.

Read my story here as I was someone who jumped off the corporate hamster wheel, a decision I have never regretted.

Back in 2011 I left behind the perks, regular salary and the office banter. Stepping into a world where I feel I really belong and one that has enriched my life far more than I ever thought possible.

Today I feel so utterly grateful to be living the life I want as a wife, mother, and businesswoman. All these three elements are working in synergy. My passion is health, wellness and creating a pathway for other women to do the same. Work with me and take the route alongside me to get to your happy place.

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Arbonne Business?

To become an Arbonne Independent Consultant (franchisee) costs just £30 to get started. This gives you your own website, access to all the training from Arbonne and your generous consultant discount.

I would also highly recommend our “get set pack” costing £40 (which includes a mixture of some samples and catalogues) – a great way to boost your start!

You will also have me as your personal mentor and business coach, where I will hold your hand and coach you in what has helped me to be successful. I have a team Facebook page, regular weekly calls, plus a WhatsApp group where I coach daily. With Arbonne, you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself!

The next question most people want to know is how can they build their business?

A very popular channel is now using Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, it’s ultimately about building a network of consumers (there are many different ways to do this) – we are essentially cutting out the ‘middle men’ of “Traditional Retail” (which adds more costs to products) and leveraging the power of online with “Social Marketing”.

What is social marketing?

We all do it every day, but most of us don’t get paid for it!  It’s a distribution method, leveraging the power of ‘word of mouth’, using Social Media to grow an income stream which happily runs alongside everything else you’re doing!

It’s a way to turn an expense into an income for you and your family.

Why work with me?

The benefits of working with me are that I can  share my methodology with you.

This would include my advice on attending networking events, fairs, events and sharing with you all the things I have done to build my business. So, we can share success together.

This business opportunity creates a new tribe for you within Arbonne and with the wider community in which you live in.

Other benefits include:

  • Creating more time for you and your family
  • Work hours to suit you
  • Bolster your retirement fund
  • Create an additional income stream
  • Leave a legacy – An Arbonne business is a willable asset for your family’s future.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some of the testimonials from my team – real people just like you:

Hannah is 21 years old and combines her Arbonne business with life as a pastry chef!

“I’d never contemplated running my own business but Wendy’s never-ending encouragement and leadership has opened my eyes to what I could become and how I can live a life of my choosing. Wendy’s mentoring has been the most influential aspect of my business so far! From recommending books, podcasts, training and being at the end of the phone in a crisis, she always knows the advice I need, when to challenge my comfort zone and she has helped me to focus my own vision into something tangible and exciting. I now wake up with a buzz, knowing that each day has such enormous potential, I just need to kick into action!”

Helen is a pub owner and Arbonne business owners. She is 40 years old and Mum to 2 children.

“I’ve been working with Wendy for almost 4 years and she has been a constant source of knowledge, advice and support with my business and life in general! As a busy mum of 2 children running my Arbonne business alongside our family business, I have little time to myself but Wendy is always there to lend an ear, recommend sources of personal development to help me when I stumble and help me stand firm as I look ahead to a successful future!

Why choose to work with Arbonne?

I’ve been using Arbonne products myself, for over 7 years and have been actively growing a business for 5 of those years – the difference the products and income opportunity has made to me and my family’s life has been astounding.

Having previously struggled with acne, IBS and yo-yo-ing  weight over the years, I love the ethos of these incredible Vegan, no-nasties products which are all plant-based and pure.

I love seeing others become healthier and happier, I love the business model attached to the products and I love that I essentially get paid to use amazing health, nutrition and beauty products.

Arbonne in a nutshell

This opportunity is for you if you want to:

  • Keep your busy life but gain more than you have now.
  • Be paid for your work ethic.
  • Earn money whilst having fun.
  • Help others be healthier and happier.
  • Grow an additional income without changing whatever you’re currently doing.
  • Travel and enjoy new experiences.
  • Learn new skills and self-development.
  • Improve your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Have more time to do things you love to do.
  • Better balance your life. Live your best life.
Discover Arbonne – Watch this Video


What is Arbonne, and what makes it unique?2019-10-29T15:42:02+00:00

It’s a 40-year-old Health and Wellness Company and the No 1 Global Brand in Network Marketing, for healthy living products from the inside out.  Arbonne’s products are all the buzz words of today: Vegan, cruelty-free, no nasties and toxins (such as parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, SLS, Talc etc. – link to Toxins blog) all incredibly botanical and plant-based products that are pure, safe and beneficial for us.  Arbonne has a smart income opportunity that helps people create an additional income by consuming and recommending their products.

How do you make money from Arbonne?2019-10-29T15:26:13+00:00

Firstly, you become a product of the product as a Brand Ambassador for Arbonne. Everybody showers every day and we all use personal care products. You earn money because you have the ability to get paid an override on the volume of product going through your network. This increases as you promote through Arbonne’s commission bands (of which there are 4) – more info:

You also receive 35% commission from Client orders & 15% commission on Preferred clients, on top of your override commissions (these aren’t included in the average incomes listed in compensation).

Is it Selling – I don’t want to sell to family & friends or be a pushy salesperson?2019-10-29T15:26:53+00:00

Growing an Arbonne business is about simply sharing information on products and our business income opportunity that you are passionate about & showing others to do the same. You earn an income from products sold, so it is selling although not as you know it, as the world has changed so much to people buying through genuine recommendations from people they know, like and trust.  Ultimately you are building a business.

What is Network Marketing/Social Marketing/Multi-level Marketing?2019-10-29T15:41:22+00:00

It is a distribution method and word of mouth referral. Network Marketing Companies cut out expenses (like advertising and wholesalers) to provide a higher quality product that we as ordinary people use and can authentically recommend. We get paid a commission on the products we recommend and a further override commission on the network of consumers we build.

Is it a Pyramid?2019-10-29T15:40:40+00:00

No – they are illegal. Arbonne is a legitimate Network Marketing company that is a member of the Direct Selling Association, which is the industry body protecting and governing our industry.  Arbonne is an effort – based business where it is possible to earn more than the person who introduced you, and we are not paid to sign people are up to Arbonne.  Only the consultant who sells a product, earns that product commission and then are paid a further override commission on product volume sold through our organisation.

What makes Arbonne different from other companies?2019-10-29T15:39:57+00:00

Firstly, the products are ultra-premium in quality and secondly, it is a completely administered online. This means I don’t have to deliver products, take payments, or hold stock. Once someone has been introduced to Arbonne they buy online through their own unique login details and Arbonne do the rest.  I am simply paid that commission every time they order their products online for my introduction to them.


I’ve read some negative blogs about Arbonne/ Network Marketing?2019-10-29T15:39:14+00:00

Just like anything in life, anyone can write anything and publish their opinions online.  If you want to look into Arbonne I highly recommend you do that but make sure you look in the right places. Start with: We are also owned by the Groupe Rocher group, who own many highly successful brands like Arbonne and are a reputable and recognised family-run business, who share the ethos of Arbonne as a brand.

How much time does it take?2019-10-29T15:38:25+00:00

It takes as much time as you choose to spend on it. Most people do this alongside their full-time job for additional income, so if you don’t have lots of extra time, you just fit it in. It is effort based so the more time you commit to it the more successful you will be.  Initially, I grew my business for 5-10 hours a week in pockets of time like my daily commute and after a few years, I was in a position to leave a job I no longer enjoyed.  I now still only work my business part-time (around 20 hours a week) and Arbonne has now replaced my Corporate income and become my primary income source.


Now you have read all about the opportunity and the ethics of Arbonne why don’t we arrange a call to discuss this further?

I would love to understand more about your goals and dreams and how I can support you to reach them.

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