Can you really earn a good extra income from Social Marketing? Yes you can open a door to freedom and choices plus new opportunities.

Currently many people are looking for ways to earn extra income streams to support rising living costs.  For some their additional income stream will be for them to afford extras like saving for a house deposit, paying for a wedding or even a holiday.

There are only 24 hours in a day. So is it possible to create a passive income stream around an existing job?  A passive income means earning money while you’re not physically working.  Most of us aren’t song writers, who earn a royalty every time their song is played so therefore how can you earn more money within the 24 hours you have each day.  Often people look at things like property investment, or stocks and shares – but these do require a lot of upfront financial capital which for many people they simply don’t have.

In one of the most famous business and financial books of all time, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” – financial guru Robert Kiyosaki emphasises the importance of having multiples streams of income for financial security.

“The moment you make passive income and portfolio income a part of your life, your life will change.”– Robert Kiyosaki

He continues, “The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work.”

Lots of people are turning to Social Marketing businesses as a way to earn a passive extra income, around what they are currently doing as it is lower risk, requires lower investment and you can learn as you earn.

These are my top tips when looking at starting with a Social Marketing business:

  1. Do your homework and look at reputable sources:

I always recommend doing your research. Check what support you will get in terms of mentoring and training. Is the brand established and well respected? Do your values align with the business? What is your investment?

My decision to work with Arbonne International, was made because I loved the ethos of the brand.  To register to start a business with Arbonne it costs just £30 to join.  You get free training, a website for people to buy the products and they are then shipped directly to the customer. Plus you get a generous discount of 35-50% to enjoy using the products for yourself.

I recommend people get started with some personal products for their use. So, they can genuinely recommend the brand.  Then I always suggest investing in some products for their business, so they have testers for people to “try before they buy”.  However, there is no requirement on investment, other than your £30 joining fee, which is paid to Arbonne. Arbonne consultants do not earn a commission when people join the business.

The outlay was small in comparison to the other business franchises I’d investigated. The risk was minimal. Plus, I was attracted to the inclusive and inspiring culture of Arbonne.

There are many Social Marketing companies in the UK. My advice is that I always recommend people look at working with those approved by our International Governing Body, The Direct Selling Association

  1. It takes work – it’s not a get rich quick scheme!

Sometimes Social Marketing companies can sound too good to be true.  Well, with Arbonne it is good, and it is true, but it takes work like any other business.

Running your own Arbonne business takes time and of course investment. Every business must have a level of investment.  The beauty of Arbonne is that a lot of our training and support is free. You also have the benefit of working with experienced mentors, who can guide and support you on your journey with running a business.

A word of caution. If anyone is telling you they make loads of money with little effort, this is simply not true.  Unfortunately, this is where the industry has gained a bad reputation due to these false claims.

You need to be sensible and evaluate reputable sources and take advice from those who are successful in business.  I love that a successful businessman like Richard Branson, is such an advocate for our industry – watch his YouTube interview here.

  1. Start as a side-line but this takes time.

If you start a side-line business like Arbonne, it will take between 3-5 years of consistent activity and development of around 10-15 hours a week, in my opinion to build a significant income.  This will lead to you establishing a balanced and stable business generating profits.

Unfortunately, what I often see is people doing that for around 3-6 months and then giving up when they don’t see instant results.  You wouldn’t expect this if you opened a traditional coffee shop for example, so why would it be different from starting a Social Marketing business?

Arbonne publishes its  average income earnings on their website, so they are very transparent.  You should always refer to official company materials when evaluating joining any company.  The great thing about Social Marketing is that it’s accessible for anyone to grow.  In some cases this has replaced their main source of income from their employment with their Arbonne business, This is what happened to me. However, many people continue to work full time and earn this extra income alongside for savings and investment.

Business guru Tony Robbins talks about the power of Social Marketing in this short clip here.

  1. Make sure you are not restricted by the person who introduced you or geography.

In this article, I can only refer to Arbonne’s compensation plan.  Anyone anywhere can buy your products.  Arbonne is currently in 6 countries just now: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Poland.  So, anyone based in those countries can buy products through my ID on the Arbonne country website and that sale is attributed to me. I get paid a thank you commission, which is up to 35%, from Arbonne.

This means when marketing your business, it’s not about “selling family and friends”. You can share with them when you initially launch your business like you would any other business.  But you can go on to develop and build a business online. Sharing information and details of the products via Social Media.  If you were opening a coffee, you would invite your family and friends to come to your opening launch and try your coffee. If they liked it, they could come back and have it again. Plus, they might tell others about your coffee shop. But you wouldn’t expect them to come in every week and buy coffee, although they might do, to keep your business going.

  1. Is it is a pyramid scheme?

Is Arbonne a “Pyramids scheme”?  Actually, it’s the opposite, the best example of one is a traditional business model. This does make me chuckle because I used to be the employee at the bottom.  There will be one CEO and the ability for one person to earn the most in a company.  With Arbonne, there is no one “CEO”, nor are you capped by the person who introduces you to Arbonne – so we can have as many income earners at the highest promotion band of National Vice President in Arbonne, there is no cap!  Everyone starts as an Independent Consultant, has access to the same training and products and resources as each other – how you succeed in the business depends on your effort and skills you develop.  I highly recommend personal development and skills training alongside building your business.  Many of the top successful business owners in the world recommend the same.

  1. With Arbonne, you do not need prior knowledge or experience.

Many people who start businesses with Arbonne, do so because of an interest in the products. They have tried them, found them beneficial and loved the quality.  Some people start a business with Arbonne despite the fact they would not describe themselves “product people”. What brings them into the business is they recognise and spot the huge potential of the booming health & wellbeing industry.  According to the Global Wellness Institute, this industry is worth a whopping $4.2 Trillion. This global industry has seen a 12.8% growth rate from 2015-2017.

Lots of men are also starting businesses with Arbonne.  They recognise the convergence of megatrends of online. Having seen the health & wellbeing boom and the huge growth in male products.  It’s no longer considered just a “little lipstick business” for people to earn a little hobby money on the side.  Many are recognising that if you treat this like the huge opportunity it is and treat it like a business – it will pay you like a business.

Barry Nelson, a construction and property business owner and a father of 2 who is an Arbonne Area Manager explains why he started an Arbonne business –

“It was a smart business model because with Arbonne I am not trading time for money.  With my property business, I would buy a property do it up and rent it out, so I would earn money from it, while not physically working.  However, what I love about Arbonne is that you can grow a business with a lot less risk and up-front investment required.  For me, whether I am laying concrete slabs, or selling foundation to women – it’s all just business.  What I also love with Arbonne is that anyone could be taught the skills to do this (whereas Construction & Property require specialist skills and a lot of capital).  With Arbonne, you “learn as you earn” as you go along.”Barry Nelson

  1. Flexibility to fit around an existing job or family.

You can work as little or as much as you want to. Of course, your earning will reflect this.  For those looking for flexibility and working around a family an Arbonne business can be a perfect fit. My business initially was built around a full-time job.  Then around running a Marketing business.  Now my priority is as a wife & mother to my 3-year-old. Read my blog here on working around a full-time job. The advice I would recommend is 5-10 hours a week consistently for 3-5 years for a plan B income to become a Plan A! But for some, they continue to juggle full-time jobs.

My colleague and mentor Yvonne Currie, who still works full time in a Corporate IT career, explains.

“For me, having a corporate career that I love and building my own network marketing business gives me the best of both worlds. I didn’t start my Network Marketing business to give up my job, I started it for the freedom and choices it would give me around unlimited income, ability to choose what I do and when in my future.”

Yvonne confessed that the concept of network marketing was new to her. She continues “When I understood it, it just made perfect sense to me.  My business that I have built is very successful all done in the pockets of time that I have. Plus I spend around a 50+ hour working week with international travel thrown into the mix as well. The great thing that I love is that I’ve not had to leave my corporate career behind or have to give up loads of things in my life.  Now I get to choose when I work and having the ability to fit it into the slots of time, I have available to me, is ideal for me.  I typically work 5-10 hours a week on my network marketing business.  I passionately believe that everyone should have an network marketing side hustle these days”.

Weigh up the Pros and Cons

With anything in life, you need to weigh up the pros and cons – for me, I have always sought to take the advice of people who are more successful, or who are in the place I would wish to be.  Some useful resources for evaluating the industry are:

The Four-Year Career 

Robert Kiyosaki ,author of all-time top selling business book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad” on Networking Marketing), as

The Business of the 21st Century