Hi, I’m Wendy,

… and because I believe everyone deserves to put life before work, I’m passionate about helping women create a balance between a fulfilling career and family and personal life. Do I believe you can have your cake and eat it? Well, why shouldn’t you? Focusing on what you want and how you can achieve it allows you to plan and put it in place.

Let me take you back a few years, to when I was suited, booted and highly successful in a corporate job with all its perks yet I felt something was seriously missing. Growing up in South Africa, I always knew I wanted a life of passion, travel, and adventure, but I also knew the huge pleasure and satisfaction I got from helping others. But nothing about my job – the long hours, the tiring commutes, the stress of big company politics was ticking those boxes.

New Mum, New Me, Better Life

Trapped in the corporate hamster wheel I was desperate to change things, to create a life I felt proud of, I wanted to live to my full potential, doing things my way. I was at a turning point. So, I began to proactively practice what I was preaching!

Fast forward to now and I feel so utterly grateful to be living the life I want as a wife, mother, and businesswoman, to have those three elements working in synergy and to be able to show other women the route I followed to get here.

If you’re feeling fed up, burnt out and disillusioned, struggling to juggle life, work and personal satisfaction, then take action, get instant access to my ‘5 Top Tips For Taking Action’.

You deserve to live your blessed life!


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