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What kind of career mum am I?

Find out what kind of busy mum you are and get some techniques and tips to help you thrive with mum life

Too busy, too stressed, too overwhelmed, too tired?

I'm Wendy, and support career mums just like you ...

My superpower is helping mums give themselves permission to prioritise their needs without mum guilt. Teaching them that through small, achievable and consistent actions that you can have energy, joy, fulfilment and purpose outside as well as being a present parent.

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I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. 

- Joyce Meyer

This is THE group for career mums who want to build healthier habits so they can thrive (not just survive)!

Join my community "Healthy & Thriving Career Mums", where you can learn and contribute ideas, strategies, and hacks designed to help you rock your career, be the healthiest version of you and be an awesome mum too!


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Before starting the 30 Days to Healthy living programme with Wendy, I was feeling very sluggish and bloated and nothing I did seemed to get rid of that feeling. After completing the plan my indigestion has gone, my bloating has subsided, and I have more energy. I loved the sharing of recipes and coaching support from Wendy, who I felt was by my side throughout. I would highly recommend the 30 days plan, especially if you’re a busy working mum. 
Caroline Coles – Sing & Sign franchisee owne

I decided to work with Wendy after I got fed up of being in a constant cycle of trying to lose weight and become healthier and then giving up after a week or so. The plan is not a diet - it’s a lifestyle change and I didn’t feel like I was denying myself anything as such. Because I was cooking from scratch (which I never do as I live on ready meals) I knew exactly what I was putting in my body. I loved the change I saw in my body but also the control I had on what I was eating. The group on Facebook was really supportive and a great place to get meal inspirations. I will keep elements of the plan daily - the green shot and drinking less caffeine and definitely home cooking more and being more aware of what I’m eating**. Laura Oakley - Associate Director in PR

At the start I felt my skin was dull and my body bloated. Following the plan, my skin is brighter, I am less bloated and more motivated to do exercise. The plan helped me identify my triggers for certain foods when I’m feeling stressed and now, I’ve learned healthier alternatives I enjoy, never feeling like I was missing out. In spite of a full-time job, home schooling and catering for my 9- & 11-year olds preferences, I’ve created great habits with batch cooking and stuck with my meal planning – which all supports my busy lifestyle. I felt really supported within the plan through both the encouragement of Wendy and the Facebook group*. Vivienne McLaren - Director Business Transformation 

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“Wendy is an inspiration! She is so passionate about helping people and her love of all things health and well being shines through in everything she does. She is an amazing speaker and packs tons of valuable tips into her presentations. She knows her stuff and shares her knowledge so generously. Thank you so much Wendy." - Ronit Gerber



Healthy Habits for busy career mums who want to build healthier & sustainable habits