Time Management

How to be the CEO of your life

You’re always super busy. And though you have all the right intentions, you simply don’t seem to get round to taking control of your life. Read on to find out how to do it.

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It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard the expression ‘be the CEO of your life’. And it sounds so dreamy and inviting, but also so very distant because you know:

  • How many laundry loads you’ve got waiting for you,
  • The dishes in the kitchen need sorting,
  • You’re also out of ideas for meals for all your picky family members,
  • At the same time, you’re juggling work (and dealing with all the pressure there),
  • The shopping list is getting bigger and someone needs to go and get those groceries,
  • You’re planning all the stuff about the upcoming holiday (and it’s not easy),
  • Meanwhile, your kiddo needs help with homework, and teachers are counting on you to help at school,
  • And there’s also a playdate you need to organise,
  • Don’t forget about your friends and family, because you need to keep up with them too…

Need I go on? We’re mums, we know our struggles – we’re in it together.

A picture of Wendy Griffith feeling very stressed out, and anxious. She's holding her head and making a frustrated face. The text reads: stop feeling like this. How to become the CEO of your life.

Not to mention we came into this year strung out, thought it was going to get better and easier…but the world had other plans. I fully believe in acknowledging that we are running on fumes. After all, accepting the truth is the first step to resolving any problem.

I’ve been there and I know that a mum needs all the help she can get!

But how can you make this time of year

  • Less stressful,
  • Less chaotic,
  • More enjoyable,
  • More in the moment and memorable,
  • More YOU and YOUR family and less about what you feel like everyone else is doing?

It was this that was the driving force for me to create a simple framework for mums so each one can become the CEO of her life. And so, the PWR (personal weekly review) system was born. Download it here. It’s completely free. Actually, it will only cost you 15 minutes of your time!

How the PWR will help in becoming the CEO of your life

Once a week, for 15 minutes you’re going to make a date with yourself.

This isn’t for a bubble bath, a glass of bubbles, a mani, to read your book or pamper yourself. In other words, it’s not your laid-back time. Quite the contrary, it’s your go time. Because you’ll be planning in order to be more productive.

Text pin. Text reads: 4 ways for you to take back control of busy mum life in just 15 minutes. Save time, reduce your mental load, take charge, achieve your goals because you're the CEO of your life.

To clarify, this is to help:

  • Give you more time.
  • Reduce your mental load.
  • Help you take charge of your life.
  • Achieve your dreams.

The is getting down to business with yourself. Why? Because I’m pretty certain, if you’re here, you need all those things I listed above.

So, open your diary and set a time for your PWR and for yourself. No more excuses. 15 minutes…that’s all you need. (Hint…that which get’s scheduled, gets done!)

How to get started with the PWR

Do your first PWR. Just do it, and don’t aim for perfection. If you do, it might take you on the road to procrastination. Naturally, we don’t want that. Remember: It doesn’t have to be “perfect”. It needs to simply be done so you can get off the starting block.

Next week…you have a second crack at it, then a third.

Before you know it you’re going to be waxing lyrical to your mum friends about how you suddenly have time, or that you don’t feel overwhelmed, or that you’re getting to those things you never seem to get to.

If you’re not ready to yet…

Here are my 3 top tips for getting started:

  1. Take 15 mins to do it. While you’re in the bath. While you’re having a cup of tea with breakfast. Or sitting in front of the telly. Schedule it and set a reminder. You’ll thank yourself.
  2. Don’t overthink it. Especially not the first time. Pop things down. The more you do, the more you’ll find your groove
  3. Adjust your mindset. You’re not aiming for perfection. You’re, in fact, taking charge of your time. One week at a time.

You only need to spend 15 minutes on your PWR to change the course of your week. And, the more often you do this, the faster you will get.

How I do it?

In addition to this blog, I’ve got a podcast episode on this exact topic. It’s called: How to be the CEO of your life with my PWR system. If you’re keen to listen, here’s the link.

But let me take you through it here, too. This is what I do:

  • Set a time every week to do my PWR.
  • Schedule it – normally on a Friday morning.
  • Not spend hours or get in my head or deeply introspective.
  • Aim to do it pretty fast and be functional.

1. I celebrate myself. 

I like to start positive because that sets the tone for the rest of my PWR and my day.

For example, I neutralise negative self-talk. I complete the hardest task first on one of my days (I normally procrastinate if I don’t do this).

What can you celebrate from the past week?

What has gone well?

As mums, we often don’t recognise our achievements – it could be the smallest of things.

2. Reflect on my week.

This is simply observing. No judgement. Factual. So, keep it accurate and hopefully unemotional. Like all things, it gets easier after a few times. Meanwhile, start with questions like:

What were my 3 main goals from last week?

Did I achieve them?

If not why?

This is about awareness not chastising yourself.

3. Brain dump it all.

What are your tasks/projects for the week ahead? Work, personal, family, friends, meals, food shopping?

Anything to take into account? (E.g. Period…this is something I personally have to do.)

I am honest and realistic about what is achievable.

I have learnt about time blindness (thinking a task will take 1hr and it takes 2-3). So, please start small.

In addition, don’t put on your list what is actually next week’s problem. (We want to avoid rolling lists.)

Top Tip: Have a meeting with your partner, too. It’s good to know each other’s movements and priorities.

4. Get clarity and commit.

What are any potential obstacles and how will you overcome them?

Commit to your 3 core goals for the week.

Also, what are you going to do to celebrate them when you achieve them?

The biggest thing is NOT to overcommit yourself. Because, overcommitting is going to derail your ability to prioritise. (Well, it does for me and also, reducing noise has helped me reach my goals and create extra time.)

You are the CEO.

The boss.

The big mamma.

The queen of your life.

And that means that you and only you get to decide what you do with your time.

In case you missed the link to download this helpful tool, here it is again.

Get your PWR here.