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12 Time and productivity boosting tips for busy career mums

Do you find yourself longing for “more time” to be able to achieve more or create time for yourself? Do you want ways to cope with all the balls you’re juggling? As working career mums we can feel particularly laden with decisions and tasks on a daily basis. It can be overwhelming and stressful. What […]

Time Management


Nutrition, not diets, for mums who want more energy


Managing stress for busy and stressed mums


Exercise is key to an energised, healthy and happy mum 


How busy mums can prioritise sleep


Gut Health

It sometimes feels, as working mums, that we are on the permanent hunt for that ever elusive thing called energy.  We need more mental and physical energy than most people. So how do we tap into more when there are lists and lists of what you can do for more energy? I’m sharing where I […]

The first place to start for mums who need more energy.


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7 ways to reduce anxiety and stress

We’ve now be living with a global pandemic for nearly a year and anxiety levels are at an all time high – especially for mums who are stretched to their limit with juggling work, homeschooling and managing day to day life. It’s no wonder our mental health has taken a beating and many people who […]

7 ways to reduce stress, anxiety and mental clutter for busy mums:


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6 Simple Lunches for busy mums

Why is it that lunches are so tricky? Lunch is an important part of our day.  It keeps us energised, helps our concentration and importantly keeps our moods stable.  We pack for the kids, make sure there’s enough food for them, healthy snacks and 3 good meals a day. Yet us busy mum’s really struggle […]

6 Simple Lunches for busy mums


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Nutritious meal of prawns, salad and fresh veg

Do you have the best intentions to meal plan, but you struggle with time? Are you fed up of the panic of trying to feed your hungry family come dinner time? Wish you could finally crack being more organised, so you can eat more healthily as a family? I get it – you’re a busy […]

7 Ways to Create Quick Healthy Meal Plans for Busy Mums

Meal Plans

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I’m often asked where I get my energy from.  Which is ironic as I haven’t always been someone with a lot of energy . Back in my 20’s I’d be falling asleep at my desk mid-afternoon. However it’s since becoming a mother in my late 30’s I’ve definitely had an increase in energy after consciously […]

How to get more of the energy than your kids


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Self-care is the new BUZZ word and usually I would be all over this like a rash – I mean, this is my JAM! This is what I teach my community of busy mums.  But honestly, if I can keep it real with you for a  moment … If one more person tells me to […]

Stop telling me about self-care and help me with my time management…


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In times of extreme stress much (living through a pandemic), we naturally gravitate to more negative self-talk or dialogue.  We forget how powerful our words and thoughts are.  Our words manifest into reality and now more than ever we have to be kind to ourselves, speak kindly to ourselves, think kindly about ourselves and act […]

How to be kinder to myself (stop should’ing on yourself as a busy mum)


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Wendy Griffith

We are all affected by stress and how we are able to cope with it defines our mood, how much we can control our emotions and physical wellbeing. We all also know stress is bad for us. But HOW do we manage it when it seems like there is a relentless onslaught of big and […]

2 Stress hacks for us stressed mums


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Women with head face down on pillow because she is tired

Sleep is the ultimate key to happiness and energy and so how do busy mums prioritise sleep given a good night’s sleep will help you be the best version of yourself. In 2017  researchers at Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social research created The Living Well Index in partnership with Sainsbury’s. What was […]

6 ways mums to get more sleep as a busy mum


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