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How to clear the mental clutter, allowing you to be more productive

Mental clutter is common! We have so much going on in our minds and being unable to clear the clutter and focus is hindering our ability to be productive, find balance and even our negatively affecting our mental health by increasing stress and anxiety.  Researchers at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute posit that physical clutter in […]



Nutrition, not diets, for mums who want more energy


Managing stress for busy and stressed mums


Exercise is key to an energised, healthy and happy mum 


How busy mums can prioritise sleep


Steering wheel with post its for lists and time management

If only I had a £1 for every time someone said they need more time or they don’t have enough time.  It’s as if being busy is a badge of honour these days, we feel pressurized to “be busy” when we probably need to rather be smart with our time. This would allow us to […]

Time tips and tools for busy mums who need more time

Time Management

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The Wendy Griffith Mantra

Progress Over Perfection