The morning routine you desperately need - Wendy writing

Inspired by a book I read, I started a morning routine that brought about so much positive change in my life. This blog is about sharing those wonderful habits with all other busy mums.

The morning routine you desperately need in your life


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Healthy habits equals wellbeing

Wanting to feel happier and more fulfilled as a busy career mum is something that all of us can relate to.
But, where do we start, and how do we make sure that we keep going towards that dreamy lifestyle we desire is exactly what this blog is about, starting with the fundamentals.

How to start introducing healthy habits


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Seven ways to reduce anxiety and stress levels

Did you know that when your body holds tension, it signals to your brain that you are anxious which then makes you anxious?
So, what do we do to manage this anxiety?
Here are 7 ways to reduce (or get rid of) pandemic-induced anxiety and stress.

7 ways to reduce stress, anxiety and mental clutter for busy mums

Time Management

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I haven’t always been someone with a lot of energy. Back in my 20s, I’d be falling asleep at my desk mid-afternoon. Read on for my key healthy habits that will spike your enegy levels.

How to get more energy than your kids


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Women with head face down on pillow because she is tired

Sleep deprived ever so often? Here are my go-tos to help you prioritise sleep.

Because sleep is essential to wellbeing, and our bodies get so much done while we sleep.

Get more sleep as a busy mum: 6 helpful ways


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Woman making a nutritious smoothie for more energy

Nutrition doesn’t necessarily mean DIET. Good nutrition is about eating for more energy.
These are my 7 nutrition staples that allow me to eat freely, no diets, while listening to my body.

No diets, 7 nutrition tips for mums who want more energy


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Energised and happy mum doing exercise with her family

I KNOW that exercise is key for me to be an energised, healthy and happy mum, but it just seems so daunting. 
So what can you do that is achievable?
Here are my top tips to keep you moving and energised.

Boost your energy as a mum: 3 simple exercise tips


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